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Tech Fee Frequently Asked Questions

No, all responses to sections A through G must be placed on the online form. The free text box will expand to accommodate a significant amount of text.

The Technology Fee Technical Review Group reviews proposals before they are submitted to the committee. The review group is not part of the voting committee. The group provide guidance to the committee.

For each proposal, the technical review group determines adherence to:
  1. UCF Information Security standards
  2. UCF Telecommunications standards (voice and data network)
  3. UCF computer hardware best practices for servers, wired/wireless clients
  4. UCF Office of Instructional Resources standards/best practices
  5. UCF Facilities standards (compliance with construction and life safety)

Proposers should contact Michael Arthur at Michael.Arthur@ucf.edu or 407-882-0143 for assistance.

Multimedia classroom proposals should be submitted under the "Student-facing" form. If there are multiple classrooms being requested the submitter should attach a list of the classrooms in priority order.

On the web form go to File>Print>select Adobe PDF. This will convert the form to PDF which can then be saved.

No. We recommend you put a link to the video in the appropriate free text box.

PDF only.

No. Proposers should put the full amount quoted by Facilities.

Your Dean or VP are the only required approvals needed. The form does allow the insertion of an additional approval before it goes to the Dean or VP.

There is a link in the approval section of the form that identifies approvers and their designees for each college and administrative unit.

The representative of the department or unit submitting the Technology Fee (TF) proposal is required to submit an “OIR Engineering Request” for their TF multimedia project proposal. OIR will publish the TF timeline, such as deadlines for submitting a TF project request to OIR, for OIR to perform TF project request walk-throughs, and when OIR will provide proposals to the requesting departments. If you plan on upgrading classroom space with new multimedia technology both UCF Telecommunications and Facilities Improvement project managers will need to attend the initial walk-through. It is recommended that you submit the project requests to all three departments at the same time. Each department will provide a separate proposal to you with a quote.

A UCF high definition (HD) classroom is an integrated high definition presentation control and signal routing solution, with the Crestron high-definition processor at the core of the system providing high performance routing of numerous digital sources. These sources include a PC with HD outputs, an HDMI laptop input, an HD desktop document camera, and auxiliary standard definition inputs for integration of older analog technology. A Creston touch panel will provide the user with a dynamic graphical user interface for all room controls. All video resolutions up to 1080p will be managed by the control system and delivered to a high definition display device. Depending on the size of the space, the display device can be either an HD video projector and projection screen or an HD flat panel. Digital audio is processed via the Crestron processor and sent to a high performance amplifier where it is then directed to a select speaker arrangement. The video resolution for a UCF HD classroom is a minimum of 1920 x 1080p.

If there are questions about an OIR Engineering Request, it is always best to “reply to all” from the email you received from OIR that contains the initial project request information and work order number. This email will provide a history of your project.

Once the Technology Fee submission deadline is published, OIR determines incremental deadlines for the project requests we receive and post them on our website. We will provide all OIR Technology Fee project proposals to the requesters within five days of the ITR Technology Fee proposal deadline. Visit the OIR website and select the “OIR Technology Fee Requirements” menu option.

The first step for acquiring approval for the installation of lecture capture into a classroom is to contact the Center for Distributed Learning (CDL) at 407-823-4910. CDL staff will evaluate whether a lecture capture teaching and learning environment is an appropriate solution for your request. Visit the CDL website for additional information.

The current video conference system on which UCF has standardized and that is supported by both the Office of Instructional Resources and Computer Services and Telecommunications is the Cisco Systems line of products.

Submit a Telecommunications Request Form (TRF) . Be sure to identify your request as a technology fee project. A technology fee will be implemented effective July, 2009. The fee will be 5% of tuition. Resources generated from the technology fee will be used to enhance instructional technology resources to students and faculty.

Involve your department IT staff. They will guide you.

To initiate a Facilities Planning project request, visit the Facilities Planning website and select the “Facilities Improvement Request Form” menu option. Be sure to identify your request as a technology fee project.

User groups will need to determine if building modifications for power/painting/carpet/HVAC will be needed to support the project.

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